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4.19.10 on Neon

I've had a long history of running with good success. The last update has broken me though.

1) For some reason I always boot to initramfs with this kernel. I don't have that problem with earlier xanmod or stock. Note that I've been affected by the lvm bug so I do have a custom line in my init scripts to force a vgchange on boot. Also note that yes I've done a updateinitramfs -u and -c with no result. Updating grub doesn't seem to help either. Note the stock kernel boots fine at the same time so it isn't a pervasive boot problem.

2) When I manually activate the volume group and boot 4.19.8 my mouse and keyboard (USB) are not active until I unplug them and plug them. Never had this problem before and when booting from stock they are fine, also. I could probably trigger udev too but it is easy enough to unplug them.

I am about to try to reset 4.19.8 up to boot and see if that works OK and I'll report back.

4.19.8 had the same problem. 

4.19.0 had same issue with boot but only mouse needed a replug.

4.18.16 also has problems booting and only mouse needs a replug.

Keep in mind all of this used to work and still does with the stock kernel....  hmmm

Hi wd5gnr,

Do the issues remain with the 4.19 mainline?

A quick prenote: pressing Reply causes a server error, so I'm using the quick reply and hope that helps.

I spent time debugging yesterday. Removing and reinstalling grub fixed a lot of things. I suspect I had some krufty old kernel options from 1990-something that I wiped when I did that. I put back just what I needed to get Plymouth working on NVidia.

However, there's still something funky. With 4.19.10 sometimes the keyboard just stops. Unplug and replug does not fix it unless the replug is in a different USB port. Very infrequent, but when it happens the Numlock light is unresponsive, etc. even after a same-port replug.

It is infrequent enough that it isn't a big deal, but there's something with the USB stack that wasn't happening before and probably isn't happening with stockl.

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