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Debian Buster/Sid LXDE Linux-Live-Kit with Xanmod 5.0.2 Kernel RC1 for testing

Hey guys, if anyone would like to test this build of Debian Buster/Sid with Xanmod 5.0.2 kernel, nonfree stuff and using the Linux-Live-Kit-2.1 I'd appreciate any feedback.
Right now it only comes as a zip file for usb or frugal hdd booting.
Just download it, unzip it and copy the files boot,buster,cde,readme.txt,ldlinux.sys,ldlinux.c32 to your usb or hdd.
Now install syslinux from a linux desktop with # syslinux -sf /dev/sdxx
Where /dev/sdxx is your usb, likely /dev/sdc1, /dev/sdb1, etc.
If booting it from hdd just edit your grub.cfg and add entry for Buster.
Note- If using a ext2/3/4 formatted usb with extlinux installed it will boot and be faster than a fat32 usb.
To install extlinux use # extlinux -i /mount_point_of_usb such as /run/media/live/usb-2.0 or wherever your usb is mounted or try device name such as /dev/sdxx, etc.
It has full persistent features and toram mode plus check other cheatcodes as all cheatcodes are same as Slax.
You can remaster this using the included Linux-Live-2.1 in /root, just add/remove whatever you want, edit Linux-Live-2.1/config and run ./build and make your own!
Root password is root
User live password is live
It also comes with NetbootCD and TinyCore Linux. I installed Debian Buster via NetbootCD then used Linux-Live-2.1 and the Xanmod kernel 5.0.2 to make this live distro.
The Xanmod kernel is patched with aufs which is needed by Linux-Live-Kit.

Xanmod kernels here

You can download Buster-rc1 here and thanks for any testing help or improvements.

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