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Ultra Fast Keto Boost Furthermore, the fibers slow sugar absorption, helping to prevent diabetes . This silent and ever-increasing pathology in turn contributes to poke the flames that lead to a greater formation of free radicals, which are the main causes of the aging of all cells . Whole grains and legumes for a mind that is always reactive Cognitive decline can also be prevented at the table. To protect the proper functioning of the brain and provide energy to the mind, complex carbohydrates must never be missing from the menu , suggests Dr. Schirò. Compared to the simple ones, they are assimilated more slowly, allow a progressive release of sugar in the blood and ensure energy to the organism in a constant way. You can find them in rye, spelled , buckwheat, whole grain grains, black pasta and bread , but also in vegetables (especially broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, beets, fennel) and legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans) . Proeines of fish, eggs, meat, dairy products, dried fruit and (again) legumes also help to protect the nervous system cells . The amino acids that compose them stimulate the production of neurotransmitters, important messengers to activate different brain functions, says our expert. These include serotonin, the so-called good mood hormone , which is synthesized from tryptophan. Recent studies have shown that the lack of this substance, in addition to inducing sadness and depression , alters the ability to learn and memorize in the person Milk, almonds and broccoli for strong bones and snappy muscles Over time, muscles and bones weaken. After the age of 45, you run the risk of osteoporosis and lose about 1% of lean mass per year. To avoid these problems, ensure good amounts of calcium every day . This mineral (present in milk, dairy products, legumes, dried fruit, oilseeds , almonds, small fish eaten with bones) is involved in muscle contraction, transmission of nerve impulses, formation of the skeletal system and teeth. To absorb it do not miss the foods rich in vitamin D (such as salmon, mackerel, sardines) and expose yourself to the sun at least an hour a day.

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