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Zylophin RX What to do: gently move the tongue along the slits of your child's ears and also behind these or gently blow to create a slight pressure that stimulate the nerve and sensory endings. The neck is another erogenous zone for men, in particular the back of the neck. Massage slowly down your neck while playing with your tongue with your earlobe to increase your excitement. Gently slide your fingers or gently scrape the nails up and down along this delicate part of the body: the inside of the thighs, in particular the upper part closest to the genitals. You can also use languid kisses on the groin. Many people love foot reflexology because it is very relaxing. In the lower part of the feet there are hyper sensitive nerve endings that connect directly to the sexual organs. Making a loving and sensual foot massage increases blood circulation and increases the blood pressure of your sexual organ, increasing excitement. Still on the phone or computer? According to a recent online survey, a quarter of married people are considering divorce. Nothing new if it were not that among the reasons given there is also the technological one, that is of husbands or wives glued to their H24 mobile devices. One in four couples discusses the amount of time they spend with their smartphone , in practice one of the two partners prefers to spend more time with their mobile phone than with their own she or he. These disorders are all too common for many family counselors. Already technology can turn into a real obsession, deteriorating marital relationships and romantic relationships. We must fight to protect our relationships from technology . An example reported by our expert bears witness to it: "A couple came to study, from the stories it emerged that after 20 years of marriage they had entered into crisis also for the fixation of her husband for computer games. Her husband even hurried to eat when he was at the table with his family just to go back to his beloved computer and stay there late into the night. The wife was so upset that she decided to seek help. " Couples should focus on technology management we have allowed ourselves to enter and creep into our lives too cumbersome.

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