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Problems to boot on Xubuntu

I have an AMD A6 5400 and Nvidia GF710.
I'm trying the 5.3 kernel on Xubuntu 19.04, I installed it perfect, and I installed the lastest nvidia drivers (nvidia-dkms-435).
All seems ok, but I only boot the computer normally with the original kernel, if I try to enter with Xanmod, a strange thing happens. I stay on a black screen, but, if I press ALT+F2, and on the console type sudo lightdm, I go to desktop without any problems.

What is happening?

I have built the kernel from git, disabling a few things, and now all is working perfect.

Good guy!

Compile Everytime self on your hardware and select in cou family your correct Cpu family, for more responsibility - even on older CPUs bulldozer or pumas

Still I can't activate me myself.... Please any admin there out fix my problem.

Thanks and

Best regards

I disabled a lot of things related with Graphics (Noveau, ATi,..), virtualbox things and many other options that I saw.
Activated Bmq and selected "Piledriver" cpu, that is my cpu model.
On the next builds I will use "make localmodconfig" for more personalized kernel Smile
The initial impression is very good, but if I make a crazy test "time $(i=0; while (( i < 9999999 )); do (( i ++ )); done)", shows 30 seconds, in my fleeting passage through opensuse I had 23 seconds on the same test. I can't find a kernel close to opensuse's performance.
Ubuntu is better for Steam use.

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